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Podcast / Inside Food science
Podcast / Inside Food science

Can you eat your way to healthy skin?

The link between nutrition and our skin is complex.

Various claims have been made and new products are constantly being developed.

Yet a review in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that the data on the link is not well supported and that this often leaves medical professionals and patients confused and uncertain.

Recognising that diet and skin could be better understood, Dr Thivi Maruthappu pioneered the field of Nutritional Dermatology.

As the UK’s first dual-qualified dermatologist and nutritionist, she views the skin as being connected to our internal health, in which diet plays a huge role.

So exactly how are skin and nutrition related? How does nutritional dermatology differ from conventional medicine? And how could this help improve the treatment of skin conditions?

Dr Thivi Maruthappu, Consultant Dermatologist, Nutritionist and Researcher

As the UK’s first and only dual-qualified Dermatologist and Nutritionist, Dr Thivi’s pioneering expertise bridges the gap between diet and skin health.

She continues to work in the NHS and has her own practice based at London’s renowned Cleveland Clinic. She conducts research at King’s College, London.

Her passion is a holistic approach to skin health, incorporating precision nutrition, mindfulness practice, personalised skin care and medical treatments, where appropriate.

Based on over 14 years of dermatology practice, this exceptional approach is the subject of her new book, “SkinFood, The Ultimate Nutritional Guide to Healthy Skin” published by Piatkus in June 2023. Whether you want to tackle acne, troublesome skin conditions or simply achieve radiant skin, Dr Thivi is the experts’ go-to.

Dr Thivi studied Medicine at Oxford University and completed Dermatology training in London. She undertook a PhD to understand the links between our skin and internal health and this research featured in top tier scientific press. She completed further training in severe eczema and psoriasis at St John’s Institute of Dermatology, London and achieved a Certificate in Nutrition Science from Stanford Medical School, USA.

During her career, Dr Thivi has garnered numerous academic awards, scholarships and prizes from organisations such as the British Association of Dermatologists, the British Society for Dermatology Research and the Royal Society of Medicine.

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