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Three women on sitting on chairs on a stage, deep in discussion about reformulation and sustainability in the food industry. Grey backdrop with event logo. Host to the left of the picture.
Podcast / Inside Food science
Podcast / Inside Food science

Can (re)formulation save us?

The food landscape is undergoing huge change, with one of the main driving forces being a pursuit of more sustainable solutions.

One key area of focus is reformulation – can we use different ingredients to make products that are healthy, tasty and attractive to consumers?

This episode of the Food Matters Live podcast was recorded in front of a live audience during our Sustainable Food Forum event, held in London in September 2023.

Our panel discusses some of the new and innovative ways to disrupt and improve food production without putting further pressure on the environment. 

They celebrate the progress so far and explore what is coming next. 

So, can reformulation be the innovation to reduce emissions of existing food products rather than relying on a shift to plant-based alternatives?

And how do you embed sustainability into every phase of product development?

Reniera O’Donnell, Food Initiative Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Reniera leads the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Food Initiative which focuses on the impact food design can have on shaping landscapes and natural systems.

By redesigning food products on the market and incorporating ingredients that are regeneratively sourced, lower impact, diverse or upcycled we can have a food system that doesn’t bend nature but rather enables nature to thrive.

Annelie Selander, Chief Sustainability Officer, Westbury Street Holdings

Annelie Selander has more than 20 years experience in the food industry, having spent the last five dedicated to driving the transition to more sustainable practices.

As of February 2023, she is Chief Sustainability Officer for Westbury Street Holdings (WSH), a premium hospitality and contracted catering business with a host of brands across the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

Annelie has a proven track record of developing, deploying, and driving progress against a holistic sustainability strategy.

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