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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

What retail trends will grow in 2021?

One year a go, trend forecasters were predicting that food-on-the-go would be the dominant trend for the year ahead but obviously the global pandemic completely changed that. With COVID-19 still out of control in most major countries across the world, we assembled a panel of experts to explain how that will affect which retail trends will grow in 2021, and what the longer post-COVID future looks like.

With history showing that ‘black swan’ events like global pandemics can accelerate long-lasting change, how will plant-based food, personalised nutrition, and health and wellbeing and other retail trends in 2021 potentially be impacted? Joining host Stefan Gates are Mark Driscoll, Director, Tasting the Future, Laura Swain, Editor – Food & Beverage and Travel & Hospitality, Stylus and Simon Waring, Managing Director & Owner, Green Seed UK Ltd.

About our panel

Mark Driscoll, Director, Tasting the Future

Mark is Founder and Director of Tasting the Future, a purpose and values driven sustainable food systems consultancy. He is a global expert in and a passionate advocate for the need for food systems change. He has over years 30 experience of working with businesses, governments and civil society organisations on solutions that address some of the key social and environmental challenges confronting our global food system.

He has developed and led large sustainable food programmes with organisations including WWF and Forum for the Future, focussing on policy and practice which supports sustainable nutrition – the intersection of health, nutrition and sustainability.

Mark graduated from Wye College (London University) with a degree in Environmental science. He sits on several advisory boards for business, government and non-profit organisations. He also writes and blogs extensively on issues and trends impacting on the food system.

Laura Swain, Editor – Food & Beverage and Travel & Hospitality, Stylus

A trained journalist and life-long foodie, Laura tracks the latest trends and developments in product innovation, technology and consumer culture in the food, beverage and travel sectors. Before bringing her passion for food, drink and hospitality to Stylus, Laura tested her chops working with brands agency-side on PR projects – brands like Mondelez and Unilever.

Stylus are experts in trends intelligence, equipping the most forward-thinking brands and agencies with the creative insights they need to make transformative business decisions.

Simon Waring, Managing Director & Owner, Green Seed UK Ltd

Simon Waring is owner and managing director of Green Seed UK Ltd, a marketing and business development consultancy focused exclusively on the food and drink industry. Green Seed works with both UK and international food and drink brands, helping them to understand UK trends and market opportunities, with route to market strategy and outsourced sales and marketing. It also guides UK exporters on their international strategy with teams to implement in markets.

The Green Seed Group is an international network of food and drink specialist marketing teams with its own offices based across Europe and North America, and associates in Asia. The Green Seed Group was formed by the former international teams of Food from Britain in 2009. An Oxford University modern languages graduate, Simon worked in marketing roles in France and Germany before joining global market and consumer analysts Mintel International Group, where he was Marketing Director. He then became Director General of the British Food Export Council and, prior to his current role, was International Managing Director of Food from Britain, during which time he developed and managed a network of operations across Europe, North America and Asia, and advised and supported 100+ small, medium and larger companies in strategy and business development in the UK and its key export markets.

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