Trends & insights in nutrition bars: part one

Explore the evolution of the nutrition bar market from humble beginnings as a chocolate bar to the healthy alternative granola bar and on to high protein nutrition bars and back again. What do nutrition bars look like today compared to 10 years ago? Which ingredients have stood the test of time? On this episode of the Table Talk Podcast, the Glanbia Nutritionals Healthy Snacking team share their first-hand experience in the progression of the nutrition bar market and offer insight into their collaboration model and how they use it to build better bars & snacks with their global customers. Join Glanbia Nutritionals experts Brad Meyers, Paul O’Mahony, Jason Demmerly & Max Maxwell as they share their expertise on how and why nutrition bar formulations and ingredients have changed.

Glanbia Nutritionals ( is a global provider of innovative nutritional solutions through its extensive portfolio of dairy & non-dairy ingredients and capabilities. Glanbia Nutritionals provides a wide range of science-led solutions to customers across the globe. It is the number one supplier of whey-based nutritional solutions globally and leading provider of customized nutrient premix solutions. Glanbia Nutritionals is a part of Glanbia Plc, a global nutrition company, grounded in science and nature, dedicated to delivering better nutrition for every step of life’s journey. To learn more about Glanbia Nutritionals expertise in bars & healthy snacking visit

About our panel

Paul O’Mahony – Product Strategic Manager, EMEA – Dairy Protein, Bars & Healthy Snacking

Paul is responsible for business development of functional dairy proteins and the healthy snacking portfolio of ingredients for Glanbia Nutritionals in Europe & the Middle East, particularly India. Paul has helped to develop Glanbia’s functional solution portfolio across the globe for many years.

Brad Meyers – Senior Director, Product Strategic Management

Brad oversees the Healthy Snacking portfolio of ingredients for the Glanbia Nutritionals globally. Brad has been working in the food industry since 2004 and is considered a subject matter expert in specialty ingredients.

Max Maxwell – Market Intelligence Manager, Healthy Snacking

Max is the category expert for market insights & intelligence in Healthy Snacking category. Based in Madison, Wisconsin Max has a degree in Food & Nutrition from Evergreen State College, Washington, an MBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Jason Demmerly – Director of Research, Global Ingredients

Jason is R&D director of R&D and specializes in research and development, innovation strategy, new product development and commercialization. Years of experience in mentoring and inspiring others to achieve personal and professional goals as well as desired outcomes of the business.

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Trends & insights in nutrition bars: part one