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Anne Marie Butler, Edlong, Smiling for the camera on a white background
Podcast / Career Conversations
Podcast / Career Conversations

The chance work placement that created “the queen of cheese”

Anne Marie Butler did not always want to work in the food industry, in fact, she had originally hoped to become a lawyer.

But she ended up becoming the “queen of cheese” at the dairy firm Edlong, thanks in part to a chance bit of work experience.

“I just didn’t bother to arrange anything,” she tells Elisa Roche in this episode of the Career Conversations podcast series.

She ended up doing at stint at Kerry and so began her lifelong passion for food innovation, flavour and dairy.

Anne Marie tells Elisa she believes everything happens for a reason and that work placement really has seen her land on her feet.

She is now Edlong’s Global Director of Innovation and Commercial Development.

Like many people in the industry, she started off with a science degree and moved into new product development.

Anne Marie says she believes everything happens for a reason and she urges others to “follow their gut” when making career decisions.

Listen to the full episode to find out how she made it to her current role.

Anne Marie Butler, Global Director of Innovation, Edlong

Anne Marie has been in the food industry for over 15 years.

With a varied background covering manufacturing, R&D and applications focusing on cheese, processed cheese, dairy alternatives, and flavours she has a passion for all things food.

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