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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

Will taste and texture innovations encourage more consumers to go plant-based?

The plant-based market is absolutely booming, with more and more consumers choosing plant-based foods and meat alternatives as they look to reduce their impact on the climate and improve their health. While the taste and texture of plant-based products has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, is it still a barrier to some consumers who might make flexitarian choices otherwise?

In this podcast we join the plant-based experts from Barentz, an ingredients company supplying plant based ingredients for plant based product concepts, to find out how brands can improve texture and taste of their products. What innovations are available for producers, and why is texture so important to our overall enjoyment of food? Host Stefan Gates is joined by Tracey Sanderson, Managing Director, Sensory Dimensions, Mariano Vasconcellos, Technical Director – Food, Barentz and Angela Whitney, Area Manager, Barentz to explore our senses and how they impact the popularity of plant-based products. Join the conversation on Table Talk.

About our panel

Tracey Sanderson BSc, CSci, RSensSci

Tracey is Managing Director at Sensory Dimensions where she has worked since 2010. In her role she supports clients across the food, personal care, home, and healthcare sectors to create successful products and packaging and maximise competitive advantage.

Prior to Sensory Dimensions, Tracey worked at the University of Reading as a business advisor to the Life Sciences sector, and before that in Sensory and Consumer Science with RSSL/Cadbury and Leatherhead Food Research.

Angela Whitney, Area Manager, Barentz

Angela has worked for more than 30 years in the UK Food Industry for both manufacturers and for the last 17 years for a Food Ingredient Distribution business introducing a range of concepts and functional ingredients to market. With a degree in Agriculture and Plant Science she has spent most of her career in sales, product management and senior management roles.

Mariano Vasconcellos, Technical Director – Food, Barentz

Mariano Vasconcellos is Technical Director of Food at Barentz International and studied Food technology in the Netherlands. Mariano started his career at Unilever and conducted research on lipids and fat-replacers. He continued working at this multinational consumer goods company filling roles from Culinary Development manager to Global Savoury Development manager. After 15 years at Unilever, Mariano moved to HJ Heinz to work as their Technical Brand Manager. In August 2010 Mariano took on the role as Technical Director of Food at Barentz International in which he is now present for more than 11 years, being responsible for the application capabilities within the Barentz Group. Mariano has extensive knowledge about food technology and is a noteworthy industry expert when it comes to innovative and trend-setting solutions.

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