The latest innovations in sustainable packaging

Packaging has a huge role to play in making the global food system more sustainable.

The materials we use to transport, store and market our food are a key part of the conversation when it comes to increasing sustainability in the sector.

There is a demand for more responsible food packaging solutions across the value chain as pressure mounts from both regulators and consumers.

But, the move towards more sustainable packaging is not always an easy, or straight forward, one.

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In this episode of the Food Matters Live Podcast, recorded live at our Sustainable Food Forum held in London in September 2023, we look at some of the innovations helping the industry on that journey.

Our panel discusses how the industry is collaborating to create a sustainable packaging system, new eco-friendly materials and innovative packaging technologies, and the relationship between sustainable food packaging and food formulation.

Paul Collins, Vice President Sustainabilty, Huhtamäki

Paul started his career modelling angioplasty balloon inflation as part of the Canadian National Research Council’s Industrial Materials Institute. In 2005, he was recruited into a start-up and lead the development of innovative injection molded closures for the beverage industry.

In 2008, he moved into Aerospace to scale a manufacturing process for carbon fibre aircraft wings. Returning to packaging in 2013, Paul lead R&D for a European poultry producer. A

fter leading the European Packaging R&D team for PepsiCo, he then moved into a global R&D packaging role. In 2023, Paul moved into his current role at Huhtamaki leading sustainability for products, operations and technology.

Hoa Doan, Head of Impact, Notpla

Hoa is the Head of Impact and Sustainability at Notpla, a UK-startup that recently won Prince William’s £1,000,000 Earthshot Prize for its plastic-free consumer packaging products made from seaweed and plants.

She is a climate policy expert and has advised the UK government and large organisations on delivering their net zero commitments. Some of her work includes developing the Net Zero Plan for the UK National Health Service for COP26, making it the first national health service to commit to a net zero target.

Before joining Notpla, she was a policy advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office in Downing Street, overseeing the delivery of decarbonisation programs across the building and transport sectors, a portfolio worth over £7 billion.

Paloma Lopez, Co-Founder and CEO, Future Fit Foods

Paloma Lopez is a Food Entrepreneur, Sustainability Advisor, and former Global Director of Sustainability and Brand Strategy for the Kellogg Company, with 20 years of global experience building healthy and sustainable food systems.

Paloma is the CEO and Co-Founder at Future Fit Foods, a food startup based in Colorado, integrating regenerative and circularity principles.

She is also Vice President for At Stake Advisors, a US-based agency providing fractional CSO services, as well as Circularity and Sustainability strategy expertise.Recognized as a Global Sustainability Women Leader in Forbes, Paloma is also a First Movers ‘Social Intrapreneur’ Fellow at the Aspen’s Institute Business and Society Program.

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The latest innovations in sustainable packaging