The top sustainability trends in ingredient developments

What role can new developments in ingredients play in moving us towards a more sustainable global food system?

As food companies move towards a more circular, less wasteful model, how important will ingredient innovation be?

In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, recorded live at our Sustainable Food Forum in London, we try to answer those questions.

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Experts and innovators explore the pipeline of emerging sustainable ingredient development, which will shape the future of food.

They also delve into the potential of up-cycling waste products into new ingredients and foods.

Carl Jones, Plant Sciences Director, Mars Advanced Research Institute

Carl is responsible for emerging science and technology at the Mars Advanced Research Institute (MARI). Carl’s focus is on developing resilient food systems at scale that delight and nourish while protecting and regenerating the ecosystems upon which we depend.

Mars Advanced Research Institute’s mission is to partner at the forefront of science to create the future of Mars. Carl received his Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of California, and inventor on more than a dozen US and international patents.

Carl’s work in plant breeding can be found in more than 50 anthocyanin-rich tomato varieties and an international portfolio of hot and sweet peppers. Carl was previously the Global Head of Innovation and New Technologies at Bayer Vegetables.

Zbigniew Lewicki, Chief R&D and Sustainability Officer, formerly Unilever and Pepsi-Lipton

His purpose is to grow delicious world of wellbeing through science, nature and ‘chefmanship’. Shaped food and agtech ecosystems across China, India, Middle-East, North America, Kenya, Poland, Germany and the UK.

Driven profitable growth from superior and sustainable products under Knorr, Pukka, Magnum, Hellman’s, Tazo and Pure Leaf across a global career of 26 years.

Experience in acquiring and growing scale-up and crafting a culture which accelerates talent and business growth (the “winning blend”) including co-creation and carve-out of a ‘corporate start-up’. Married, with two daughters and a female dog Roxy. Vocational farmer, cook and impact mentor/investor.

Eve Martinet-Bareau, Global Innovation Program Director, IFF

Eve is an experienced B2B Global Business and Innovation Leader, driven by the purpose of delivering impactful solutions for a more sustainable food Industry.

She is leading two innovation programs at IFF Nourish: RE-IMAGINE CLEAN™, aiming at developing next-generation clean-label ingredients, and RE-IMAGINE WASTE™, embedding circular design to maximize resources and address the challenge of global food waste.

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The top sustainability trends in ingredient developments