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Podcast / The history of…
Podcast / The history of…

A drop of faith – religion’s influence on alcohol

In this episode we explore the links between alcohol and religion.

The consumption of alcohol is central to some of the world’s most popular religions, and for centuries it has been an important part of religious and spiritual rituals.

The question is – why?

This relationship between religion and alcohol has a long and fascinating history, and has been explored in great depth by the author, broadcaster and journalist Tom Morton in his recent book ‘Holy Waters: Searching for the sacred in a glass’.

Recently the recipient of a Fortnum and Mason Food and Drink Award, the book explores the spiritual tales of drinks like mead, saké and rum, unpacks their religious significance, and highlights the links between brewing, winemaking, and worship.

So how does the connection between religion and alcohol manifest across the world? 

How has this evolved over time? 

And what impact has religion had on the alcoholic drinks we make, sell and consume today?

Tom Morton, Writer, broadcaster, musician

Thomas Morton is a Scottish writer, broadcaster, journalist, musician and funeral celebrant.

He lives and works mainly in the Shetland Islands. Tom has written several books. His most recent publication was the book he wrote jointly with his son James, ‘Shetland: Cooking on the Edge of the World‘.

His new book, ‘Holy Waters: Searching for the sacred in a glass’, is out now.

He is currently hosting a weekly internet radio show called The Beatcroft Social. He blogs regularly about food, island life and music.

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