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potatoes in a sunny field
Podcast / Food Futures, Episode 39
Podcast / Food Futures, Episode 39

How potato starch is shaping the future of food

For many decades starch has been a backbone of the modern food industry, used in food production for a variety of purposes.

It is versatile, easy to mix, and can enhance the overall experience of a product.

In this episode, made in partnership with Royal Avebe, we delve into the role this incredible ingredient has traditionally played in the food industry, as well as discovering some of the innovative ways it is helping to shape the food industry of the future.

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Avebe has been involved in the production of potato starch for more than 100 years, bringing an unrivalled level of expertise.

So, how does starch fit into a world that is shifting towards plant-based and protein-rich diets?

What impact will the rising cost of living have on the use of starch in the industry?

And, how does starch fit into the sustainability ambitions of consumers and producers?

Royal Avebe

Royal Avebe is a market-oriented cooperative of starch potato growers with a great heritage.

They take responsibility for the whole process, from crop to shop and have been doing so since 1919. They are on top of trends, and their international experts help food producers worldwide with the right application of their potato-based ingredients. 

From plant-based burgers with the perfect texture and taste, to Asian noodles with the perfect bite, to plant-based desserts that requires no cow, they strive to eliminate allergies, e-numbers and unnatural additives.

Meleknur Tüzün, Global Segment Manager, Royal Avebe

Meleknur is Global Segment Manager for (Plant-based) Dairy & Cheese at Avebe.

She is experienced in texturizing solutions, protein and starches for plant-based cheese and plant-based dairy together with traditional dariy and cheese knowledge.

Mel holds a Food Engineering and an Executive-MBA degree from Istanbul Technical University.

She has 12 years of experience in the food production industry and has been working at Avebe for over eight years.

Akkelien Vermüe, Strategic Marketing Manager, Royal Avebe

Akkelien has over 25 years’ experience within strategic, trade, and consumer marketing, brand, category and product management.

She has worked for A-brands vs private labels, within retail and foodservice channels, with national and international oriented companies.

Akkelien is an insight-oriented manager with a commercial drive and background. She adopts a consumer-centric approach and likes to translate trends, developments and data into strategic opportunities and tactical options.

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