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Wendy Wilson Bett leaning on a wall outside
Podcast / Career Conversations
Podcast / Career Conversations

Peter’s Yard co-founder on the power of a strong plan

“I’ve always been driven, not by wealth, but by a desire to make a difference.”

Wendy Wilson-Bett is the co-founder of Peter’s Yard, the food company that makes sourdough treats, most-famously their sourdough crackers.

Her career has seen her working for some of the biggest food brands in the world, and her story of launching Peter’s Yard is one of perseverance.

She discovered a baker making the crackers whilst touring Sweden and approached him about working together to take the product to the UK.

Now, 12 years after the brand was first launched, Peter’s Yard has been bought by a bigger company, potentially helping the business to grow even further.

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Despite the timescales involved in the journey, Wendy says she does not regret a thing mainly because: “I love what I do.”

She is a big advocate of having a solid plan if you want to achieve success, something she says comes from her time working at big companies: “I don’t think you can work in marketing in a big corporation and not believe in the strength of having a plan.”

Wendy is at the top of her game when it comes to food and drinks businesses and she has some incredible advice for anyone considering a similar career path. 

She recommends contacting a group called Young Foodies, which provides support and a sense of community for food and drinks start-up founders.

She also strongly believes that you should try to find a job you are proud of doing and that you believe in, otherwise, she says, you will not stick with it.

Wendy Wilson-Bett, Co-founder, Peter’s Yard

Wendy Wilson-Bett loves developing brands, businesses and people.

For 22 years she worked at Cadbury Schweppes in Brand Management, Category Management, Innovation and General Management. Her last role was Global Commercial Capability Director on the Cadbury Schweppes Global Leadership Team.

She said she would leave when she stopped learning and 13 years ago, she left to do something she had always dreamed of, which was to run her own business.  

Together with her business partner, Ian Tencor, she built the business from scratch leading to the employment of over 40 bright, capable people which makes both Ian and Wendy very proud.

The business continues to grow and flourish and in July 2022 Lotus Bakeries purchased Peter’s Yard and have exciting plans for its future growth.

She is equally proud to be Co-Owner of Söderberg, a Swedish bakery café business with eight retail outlets offering great coffee, Swedish pastries and an inviting space to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones and friends.

Wendy likes to support other managers and entrepreneurs who can learn a little from the highs and lows she’s experienced on her journey.  

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