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Podcast / Inside Food science
Podcast / Inside Food science

Mindful bites: Nutrition, mood and brain health

There are many things that affect our mental and cognitive health, and increasingly what we eat and drink is gaining prominence in this area.

The good news, is that we have some control over what we consumer, and for the food and drink industry, that creates an opportunity.

Making products that can boost our mental and cognitive health, or slow any decline, are becoming more and more attractive.

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This episode of the Food Matters Live podcast was recorded live at the Food Matters Live Inspiring Nutrition event held in London in November 2023.

Our panel discusses the role nutrition can play in our mental and cognitive health.

They delve into the science around the gut-brain axis, the ingredients leading the way in supporting good mental health, and how all the research out there can be formulated into practical applications for consumers.


Jackie Lynch, Founder, WellWellWell Nutrition

Miriam Ferrer, Head of Product Development, Cambridge Nutraceuticals

Piril Hepsomali, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Reading

Marisa Poster, Co-Founder, PerfectTed

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