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Max Jamilly, Hoxton Farms, smiling for the camera
Podcast / Career Conversations
Podcast / Career Conversations

Meet the man dreaming of a world without industrial farming

Max Jamilly has a vision – a world where the industrial farming of animals is a thing of the past.

With its impact on the environment, human health, and the health and wellbeing of animals, his vision is not unique.

But where Max Jamilly differs from many others, is the work he is doing to make that vision become a reality.

Max set up Hoxton Farms in 2020 alongside his childhood friend Ed Steele.

The company is a cellular agriculture and biotech start-up that cultivates cell-grown fat which can be added to meat-alternative products.

The idea is that you get all the desirable things about cooking animal fat, without harming any animals.

In this episode of the Career Conversations podcast series, recorded in front of a live audience as part of our Inspiring Careers in Food event, Max reveals all about his career so far.

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Listen to the full episode to find out what drove Max and Ed to set up Hoxton Farms, their ambitions for the future, and how the company just secured a massive round of investment.

Max Jamilly, Co-Founder, Hoxton Farms

Max Jamilly is the co-founder of Hoxton Farms. Based in London, Hoxton Farms make real animal fat – without the animals.

Max has a PhD in synthetic biology from Oxford and two degrees in biotech and business from Cambridge.

He has spent the past decade in the UK and US using biotechnology to solve problems.

He is obsessed with the future of food.

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