Low and no alcohol: The art and science of flavour

There’s no doubt about it, flavour is a key factor in the success of any alcohol-free drink, but it’s also one of the most difficult areas to master.

How do you match the flavour of a single malt whisky, the taste of a session IPA, or the burn of a shot of tequila?

Is it even about trying to replicate the taste of alcohol or should efforts be focused on different aspects?

In this episode of Table Talk, brought to you in partnership with Kerry, we delve into these questions, as well as the science and the art of flavouring low and no alcohol drinks.

We find out just how much work goes into getting the right flavour, including the sniff, taste and session tests.

It’s no surprise that good quality ingredients are seen as a major factor, but our experts say provenance is becoming increasingly important too, as is sustainability.

And find out the one alcoholic drink each of our panel would really love to replicate but without the booze.

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Thursday 15 December 2022 | 14:30 – 16:00 GMT | Complimentary (booking fee applies) Virtual

Michel Aubanel, Flavour Ingredients Global Development Director, Kerry

Michel Aubanel, MSc is the Global Flavour Ingredients Director linking teams in various regions, including China, North America, Brazil, and Europe. 

Michel’s job is to explore new raw materials all over the world and find ways to improve not just the health of people, but also the planet. Michel holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Organic Chemistry from University Marseille in France.

He has 35+ years’ experience in the flavour industry, has worked with companies like Mane, Sanofi/Degussa, Cargill and Kerry Taste & Nutrition. This year he celebrates 10 years with Kerry.

His knowledge and expertise have been captured on 8 scientific publications. He also holds 3 patents and a great number of scientific publications. He specialises on Natural Extracts, Chemistry, biochemistry, liquid flavours and powder flavours.

John Kelly, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager – Beverages, Kerry

Working in Kerry Taste & Nutrition as the Senior Strategic Marketing Manager for the beverage category, leading the beverages marketing strategies across Europe & Russia. 

Over 20 years’ experience in the global beverages industry working across all sectors of the industry, driving brand and business growth.

Extensive consumer FMCG and B2B marketing expertise and wider business leadership gained through working in a broad portfolio of leading beverages companies including Diageo, Molson Coors, Glanbia Consumer Foods, and Almarai across the Middle East and currently Kerry Taste & Nutrition.

Danielle Bekker, Co-Founder, Good Living Brew

Danielle Bekker, founder of Good Living Brewing Co, is a supply chain professional with over 20 years’ experience in the brewing industry including Global Brewing Innovation Director for SABMiller. 

A qualified chemical engineer with an MBA and an MSc in Malting & Brewing she loves beer, innovation and food – all of which Binary encompasses.

Craig Hutchinson, Founder of a portfolio of no-alcoholic spirits

Craig is the founder and former CEO of CEDER’S which he developed and grew to be sold in over 20 countries before the successful sale to Pernod Ricard in 2020.

He has since launched CELTIC SOUL Non-Alcoholic Dark Spirit and M&C’s CBD Botanical Spirit.

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Low and no alcohol: The art and science of flavour