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Catherine Washbrook-Davies smiling for the camera outside
Podcast / Career Conversations
Podcast / Career Conversations

Leading the fight against diabetes in Wales

Catherine Washbrook Davies is one of the UK’s leading experts in diabetes, diet and weight management.

She currently has two roles, as a Diabetes UK clinical champion in Wales, and as the All Wales Nutrition and Dietetic Lead for Diabetes for NHS Wales.

Catherine advocates an “everything in moderation” philosophy and says she still enjoys chocolate!

She says no food group should be banned when trying to get healthier.

Catherine has an amazing job whether she is advising individuals or entire communities about how to make life changing improvements.

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Listen to the full episode to find out how she ended up with such a prominent role in the place she studied, why she is not so keen on nutrition advice being given out on social media, and her take on how some elements of the food industry are fuelling obesity.

Catherine Washbrook-Davies MSc, BSc (Hons) RD, All Wales Nutrition and Dietetic lead for diabetes and All Wales Diabetes Prevention Programme

Catherine has 20 years experience delivering patient education in both type 2 diabetes and weight management.

She currently holds a dual role across Wales and is a Diabetes UK Clinical champion.

Catherine is the all Wales nutrition & dietetic lead for diabetes for NHS Wales, responsible for ensuring a consistent approach to food and nutrition education across Wales for people living with diabetes.

Within this role she leads the all Wales type 2 diabetes remission project.

Catherine is also the dietetic clinical lead for the All Wales Diabetes Prevention Programme working in partnership with public health Wales and partners to instigate a once for Wales diabetes prevention programme.

She has gained a great deal of understanding and empathy for people living with obesity and/or diabetes and the complexities of coping with these through the use of motivational interviewing techniques and skills.

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