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Protesters on the street calling for climate action with banners. An example of how consumers' relationship with the environment has shifted after the pandemic
Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

Post-pandemic – how shifting relationships are influencing consumer trends

After two years of a pandemic, and the massive behaviour change it forced on all of us, how do companies in the food industry look to the future and identify opportunities for positive innovation?

In this episode of the Table Talk podcast, made in partnership with Accenture, we talk to the people behind the influential Fjord Trends report to find out.

Fjord Trends 2022 might be the most fascinating to date, coming at a moment when huge sections of society are emerging from a period when we were forced to pause, reflect, and re-evaluate many of our relationships.

That has affected the way we think about all sorts of things, self-care and the environment among them. It has also affected the way many of us think about the brands we engage with.

So much has changed for so many people, but this episode isn’t just about spotting the latest trends, it also looks closely at how the information compiled in Fjord Trends 2022 can be used by companies to make real-world decisions.

This year’s report has five main headlines, all sitting under the banner “The New Fabric of Life”.

Come As You Are – Most people don’t want to be pigeon-holed into a category – so how do companies cater for different consumer needs?

The End of Abundance Thinking – Less waste, more environmental concerns – but what does that mean for new product development and innovation?

The Next Frontier – The blurring between digital and physical is going to become more significant – but what are the implications and opportunities for the food industry?

This Much Is True – How do you earn and maintain consumer trust in an era of misinformation?

Handle With Care – We’re more focussed than ever on self-care and caring for others – but how can companies align themselves with that?

Tatiana Penaloza, Managing Director in Consumer Goods, Accenture

Tatiana has over 15 years consulting experience working at large client organisations, driving value through business transformation programmes for CPG and Retail companies.

Bridging business and technology teams to support clients to drive their strategic agendas and maximise enterprise value.

Alex Jones, Managing Director, Accenture Song

Experienced leader of large design, human-centred strategy and innovation teams. Alex leads Fjord London – a specialist service and experience design practice part of Accenture Song.

Alex works with ambitious organisations to imagine new customer strategies and experiences, creatively driving business growth and transforming operations and cultures as a result.

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