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Taïeb Mestiri headshot on white background
Podcast / Career Conversations
Podcast / Career Conversations

‘How a Coca-Cola internship launched my career’

“Don’t be shy. Don’t be ashamed. Apply for the jobs and schemes you would love to do.”

So says Taïeb Mestiri, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager at the Coca-Cola Company, in this episode of the Career Conversations podcast series with Elisa Roche.

As millions of students prepare to receive exam results this summer, many will be thinking about their next steps, and Taïeb’s story is one which should provide some inspiration.

Less than four years ago he applied for an internship at Coca-Cola in Paris and it has been the start of a great partnership.

He says that when he first applied, he didn’t think he stood much of a chance of being taken on. But he was proved wrong and now his advice to others is to put yourself forward, even if you have some self-doubt.

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Initially Taïeb studied for a degree in engineering, but his love of food forced him to change course, eventually studying Food Science and Nutrition at Sorbonne University.

To help him through his studies, he took on various jobs, including a stint in sales at a large bakery chain.

Although a career in sales wasn’t his ultimate goal, he says the job gave him valuable insights into how products were made, and he has used that to help him in his later career.

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So, why did he take on the internship at Coca-Cola? He says he knew he wanted to work there, from the moment he went in for his internship interview.

“It was very impressive. I was invited into the office and it was a discussion more than an interview,” he says.

“The most important thing is to ensure that you have a good feeling with the people doing the interview.

“The connection was great and I knew I wanted to work with these people.”

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Working at such a huge company might sound like a daunting prospect for some. But Taïeb says the firm puts people at the centre of what it does and offers lots of fantastic opportunities for progression.

Listen to the full episode to find out exactly what a Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager does, how much you can expect to earn in a similar role, and see if Taïeb reveals the top secret Coca-Cola recipe (spoiler – he doesn’t but Elisa really did try).

Taïeb Mestiri, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, the Coca-Cola Company

After obtaining his master’s degree in nutrition, quality, and health from Sorbonne University, Taïeb stepped into the Coca-Cola Company’s world to explore his passion for food and beverage innovations. 

In addition to overseeing scientific and regulatory compliance for France, he has joined the research and development team for a part time experience to express his creativity and co-create refreshing beverage innovations. 

His aim is to support food and beverage companies to meet the evolving consumer expectations by creating meaningful, sustainable, and tasty innovations.

He is a naturally curious person who believes in safe, collision-rich spaces as fertile ground for creativity and innovation.

He spends his free time reading articles, playing the guitar, and cooking comforting dishes.

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