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Podcast / Inside Food science
Podcast / Inside Food science

Healthy ageing: the lifelong task of getting the right micronutrients

This episode continues our series of conversations taking us inside food science and it centres on the role of micronutrients as we age.

For decades, medical scientists and the food industry have studied this microscopic world of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, essential fatty acids and more in a bid to understand the true extent of the role they play in nutrition and health.

Dr Christina Mesch, a nutrition scientist and product manager at SternVitamin GmbH & Co. talks to Stefan about how we should approach the lifelong task of getting the right micronutrients in our diet and how they can benefit immune health and the prevention of chronic disease. 

Join them for an exploration into this fascinating area of nutrition science and find out how food innovation is helping to fortify key food and drinks to support the healthy ageing process.

About our panel

Dr. Christina Mesch, Product Manager, SternVitamin

Dr. Christina Mesch is Product Manager at SternVitamin where she has worked since 2019. She is an experienced nutritional scientist. Since her studies and PhD at the Technical University of Munich, she has focused on one of the major challenges facing society: health and nutrition. In her role she brings together science, innovation, and creativity to support clients across the food and beverage industry in developing products picking up on emerging trends. 

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