Getting the flavour right: how one brand is changing plant-based dairy

The traditional foods we love often have regional differences that make them unique. For example, the cheddar cheese you buy from your local supermarket may have a completely different flavour profile from the one you’d find in a sandwich in a pub in Ireland. These subtle differences can greatly impact our enjoyment of food, and flavour experts are applying this knowledge to create innovative and delicious plant-based dairy to meet a growing consumer demand.

Joining us to explain how are the experts from Edlong, a global flavour house with offices around the world. With over 100 years of experience in the dairy market, and over four decades of plant-based dairy expertise, they’re perfectly positioned to explain how regional nuances and flavours can affect our enjoyment of plant-based dairy products. We’ll discuss all aspects of plant-based cheese, and host Stefan Gates gets the chance to sample some of the products and flavours they’ve developed. Join the conversation on Table Talk.

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About our guests

Julie Drainville, Sensory Manager

Julie Drainville leads all sensory functions for Edlong globally, maintaining a trained employee panel for sensory testing, and also collaborating with applications scientists and customers to run testing to meet project needs. Julie has an extensive background in food science including over 14 years in the sensory field, a degree from Purdue University in Foods, Nutrition and Business/Dietetics, a Master of Science in Nutrition Education from Rosalind Franklin University, and completion of the UC Davis Applied Sensory and Consumer Science Certificate Program.

Laura Enriquez, Master Scientist. Strategic Applications

Laura Enriquez is adept at understanding customer needs and applying her 30+ years of extensive technical expertise in food science to develop solutions to formulation challenges, increase the speed of product development and shorten the sales cycle to customers. She works closely with customers in the U.S., Latin America and Europe and works with and mentors the applications team in tailoring customer-specific applications to deliver value, cost savings and create great tasting food. Laura has a degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City) in Food Science and Nutrition.

Rick Schultz, Master Flavorist, Strategic Product Development

Rick is a highly accomplished Master Flavorist responsible for leading all aspects of new flavor development, dairy flavour technology and innovation at Edlong. With over 40 years of industry experience, Rick’s areas of focus include enzyme and culture technology, encapsulation and delivery systems, flavour cost optimisation, flavour performance analysis, masking and mouthfeel. Rick previously held technical roles at Kraft Foods, John Sexton and Miles Laboratories.


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Getting the flavour right: how one brand is changing plant-based dairy