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Podcast / Inspiring stories
Podcast / Inspiring stories

Fresh perspective – the crucial role of start-ups and accelerators

Start-ups are often regarded as the lifeblood of innovation, introducing disruptive ideas that challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what is possible.

But behind every successful start-up, there is a support system working tirelessly to fuel growth and unlock their potential.

Accelerators and investors, beyond mere financial backing, provide start-ups with a blend of mentorship, guidance, and resources.

They serve as a guiding compass, navigating founders through the treacherous waters of early-stage development.

And they themselves can be catalysts for innovation, steering start-ups towards sustainable growth and enabling them to tackle some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.

But how do accelerators and investors go beyond the numbers? What opportunities can they provide start-ups? And how do they identify those that possess the power to shape our future for the better?

Mark Durno, Co Founder of the global accelerator and investor, Rockstart

Priya Bhullar, COO & Co Founder, Planboo

Philippe Birker, Co-Founder, Climate Farmers

John Smedegaard, CEO and Co-Founder, Cordulus

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