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Podcast / The Big Issues
Podcast / The Big Issues

Food labelling – how much information is too much?

Is the amount of information on food labels helping or hindering us when it comes to making choices about what we purchase?

Consumers are said to be demanding transparency regarding the foods they eat – from animal welfare to sustainability and health and nutrition information, they want to know it all.

Surely a better-informed consumer can make better choices for their health, right? This may not be the case, with some research suggesting food labelling could even be contributing to the obesity crisis.

So, are the regulations surrounding food labelling a failure? Or are consumers simply ignoring the signs?

A product might boast that it is low in fat, but are shoppers interested enough to read beyond the headline and find out that it is high in sugar?

In this episode of the Table Talk podcast, in partnership with Ashbury – The Product Information People, Stefan Gates delves into the fascinating world of food labelling.

He is joined by Ashbury’s Regulatory Affairs Director, Pete Martin, as they look at the psychology, regulations and language that is at play as businesses try to make a profit while following the law and protecting the health of consumers.

They investigate labelling’s worst offenders that appear to lead to some consumer confusion and discuss how best to get the most useful information in front of consumers’ eyes. We also learn how companies like Ashbury work with brands to ensure they get the most from their labelling and delve into the possible impact Brexit will have on food labels.

Pete Martin, Regulatory Affairs Director, Ashbury

With a 30-year career working in technical law for grocery and retail providers, Pete Martin brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to his role as Regulatory Director at product information specialist, Ashbury. 

From providing practical support and advice to clients, through to carrying out in-depth audits, delivering compliance information, and ensuring complete due diligence, Pete is not only hugely experienced in working with both food and non-food products, but is passionate about protecting brands and end consumers.

At Ashbury, Pete specialises in helping clients innovate within the lines of the food regulation law – ultimately helping them to grow their brand, maximise existing markets, and develop best practice labelling compliance management.

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