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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

The story behind Denmark’s £1bn plant-based revolution

Denmark is a key player in the global food system, from meat and dairy exports to beer production, the label “Made in Denmark” means a lot.

And now, the country is turning much of its attention to plant-based in a major way. 

Over the last couple of years, the Danish government has set aside well over £1bn to support the production of plant-based food and a ‘green transformation’ of the agriculture sector.

With plans to halve the country’s greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by 2030, the investment will provide support to businesses, new product development, education and research as they all make their moves towards plant-based.

It is the largest ever investment in plant-based food throughout the European Union.

So, politically, how have they got to this stage? What is the money likely to be spent on? And what is on the horizon for plant-based food in Denmark?

Rune-Christoffer Dragsdahl, Secretary-General, the Vegetarian Society of Denmark

Alongside his role at the Vegetarian Society of Denmark, Rune-Christoffer is Regional Representative for Europe & Director of Policy Initiatives at the International Vegetarian Union (IVU).

He has a Master’s Degree in Anthropology. Rune-Christoffer and his organisation have taken several strategical initiatives in Denmark, which involve many other stakeholders, from farmer’s associations and businesses to other NGO’s.

This paved the way for a landmark deal between the government and parliament, which in 2021 resulted in 675 million DKK earmarked for a fund for initiatives to develop the plant-based sector in Denmark.

With the deal it was also decided that Denmark should have a National Action Plan for Plant-Based Foods.

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