Culinary insights – what the plate of the future will look like

What are the innovations that will shape our culinary experiences over the next decade or so?

It is exciting to think about some of the things we may be seeing on our plates in the years ahead, but the really interesting aspect is what influences those trends.

In this episode, recorded live at the Food Matters Live Tastes of Better event in Ascot in April 2024, we ask the experts where we might be heading, and which factors may be taking us there.

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How will an increased interest in sustainability, provenance, and cultural diversity impact our culinary experiences if the future?

We also ask them to reflect on some trends from the past, which have stood the test of time, and which have fallen by the wayside?

It is a journey from the past to the present and beyond, that left our live audience licking their lips.

Juliane Caillouette-Noble Managing Director, Sustainable Restaurant Association
Jamie Robinson Executive Chef, Tesco
Tim Sheed Head Chef, 1215 Restaurant at Fairmont Windsor Park
Stephen Humphries Executive Development Chef, Vacherin
Chris Baber Chef and Author, Content Creator

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Culinary insights – what the plate of the future will look like