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Sadhbh Moore
Podcast / Career Conversations
Podcast / Career Conversations

Cooking in the world’s most challenging environments

In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, we continue our series looking at careers in the food industry.

In the UK, thousands of people are receiving their GCSE results and will be thinking hard about their future careers.

Our guest in this episode is Sadhbh Moore, who has the fantastic job title of Eco Nutritionist.

Sadhbh’s interest in the environment goes right back to her childhood in Ireland and has seen her travel the world, cooking in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.

She has two Masters degrees, has worked for Greenpeace, the British Antarctic Survey, and has a passion for sustainable food systems.

She has also devoted much of her career to working on youth projects.

Sadhbh Moore, Eco Nutritionist

Sadhbh grew up in a cabin in the woods in Ireland, raised ‘free-range’, as her ecogastronomy focused (hippie foodie) parents would say.

Following an MA in Sustainable Development and a role at Greenpeace HQ, she worked in sustainability consultancy, followed by a stint in India on an international development programme.

This helped to confirm that her heart yearned for the kitchen, and working at the grassroots community level.

A self-trained cook and forager, she has worked as a chef and in sustainable food education for over seven years at youth charities, primarily at The Skip Garden.

Inspired by her desire to greater understand the complexities of food insecurity, Sadhbh embarked on an MSc in Nutrition for Global Health, qualifying as a registered (eco) Nutritionist in 2020.

Since graduating with her MSc, Sadhbh has been a chef in the Antarctic to now working in conservation in the Congo rainforest on remote food logistics and nutrition.

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