Confectionary and potato starch – a match made in heaven?

Confectionary is big business. The global market is worth over a trillion US dollars and all the forecasts suggest that figure is set to continue rising.

But with so much competition, and a population increasingly concerned with topics such as sustainability and animal welfare, it is more important than ever for new products to stand out.

In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, made in partnership with Royal Avebe, we look at how potato starch is providing some solutions to these concerns.

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Is it possible to create confectionary products that are sustainable, guilt-free and delicious?

And how does potato starch fit into the conversation?

Ria Tinga, Strategic Marketing Manager, Royal Avebe

Ria has over 25 years of experience within strategic, trade and consumer marketing, brand, category, and product management. She has worked for international A-brands in various industries, in FMCG, durable consumer goods and ingredients. 

Ria is an insights oriented manager with a commercial drive and background. She uses a consumer-centric approach, likes to translate trends, developments and data into strategic opportunities and tactical solutions.

Ria holds the position of Strategic Marketing Manager within Avebe and is, among others, responsible for the confectionery category. 

Peter Feiken, Senior Account Manager Food, Royal Avebe

Peter has over 35 years of experience in the Potato Starch industry, and has worked his whole life for Royal Avebe in quality control, product management and over 15 years in sales.

He is a results-oriented manager with a commercial drive and technical background. He uses his technical background and long experience within Royal Avebe to serve the customers. 

Peter holds the position of Senior Account Manager Food within Royal Avebe.

Royal Avebe

Royal Avebe is a market-oriented cooperative of starch potato growers with a great heritage.

They take responsibility for the whole process, from crop to shop and have been doing so since 1919. They are on top of trends, and their international experts help food producers worldwide with the right application of their potato-based ingredients. 

From plant-based burgers with the perfect texture and taste, to Asian noodles with the perfect bite, to plant-based desserts that requires no cow, they strive to eliminate allergies, e-numbers and unnatural additives.

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Confectionary and potato starch – a match made in heaven?