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girl and boy on picnic in the forest, the children lie on covered and read a book
Podcast / Inside Food science
Podcast / Inside Food science

Childhood eating habits – and how to change them

It is probably a universal concern for parents: Is my child eating the right food to support their physical and mental development?

But in between dealing with everyday life and cooking foods your child actually likes, meeting their nutritional needs can be a challenge.

And other factors like the cost of living crisis only add to the stress.

A recent study in the UK suggests a fifth of parents have struggled to provide food for their families, and around a quarter say their child’s mental health has declined as a result.

So what impact can poor nutrition have on a child’s development?

How do their nutritional needs change throughout childhood?

And how can we encourage picky eaters to enjoy healthy foods?

Hannah Love, Nutritionist and Paediatric Nurse

Hannah Love is a paediatric nurse, nutritional therapist, parenting and sleep expert.

She has spent the last 25 years helping growing families with everything parenting related- from pregnancy all the way to toddlers.

Hannah is also the founder of Sleep Well with Hannah.

Through her CALM approach (Consistent, Achievable, Loving and Manageable) she shows families that small changes can make a huge difference, whatever situation they find themselves in.

You can be a gentle parent, have a baby who sleeps well and who fits into your lifestyle – whatever that means to you.

She advises parents ,and parents to be, on everything from nutrition and weaning, to toddler behaviour and her favourite subject – sleep.

Visit Hannah’s free private parenting Facebook community.

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