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Podcast / The Big Interviews
Podcast / The Big Interviews

Anthony Warner: “We need fundamental change to feed the world”

Anthony Warner is known as the Angry Chef who looks to ‘expose lies, pretensions and stupidity in the world of food.’ He has a new book out ‘Ending Hunger: The Quest to Feed the World without destroying it’. In the book he argues that we need significant fundamental change if we have any hope of being able to feed the world in 2050.

Without substantial reduction in the number of animal products that we consume, within the next few decades, agriculture will raise global temperatures by two degrees, destroy all of the world’s forests and drive a million species to extinction… we desperately need to change consumption, shrinking down the powerful meat and cattle industries, something that they will fight every step of the way… this is probably the most difficult battle we face.”

Stefan Gates joins Anthony for a fascinating, and often frightening, look at the challenges the food industry faces, and what changes in public policy and approaches could make a huge impact on our future on the planet.

About Anthony Warner

Anthony Warner is a professional chef and writer. His first book, The Angry Chef – Bad Science and the Truth About Healthy Eating, was the Guardian Best Food Book of the Year and winner in the Health and Lifestyle category at the inaugural Hearst Big Book Awards.

He graduated in Biochemistry from Manchester University before embarking on a career in professional kitchens. He spent many years working in hotels, restaurants and event catering in the North West and London before taking a job as a development chef in the food manufacturing industry where he worked for over a decade developing recipes for some of the country’s best-known brands and products.

Frustrated by pseudoscience and misinformation in the food industry, in 2016 he started a blog, which led to the bestselling book, The Angry Chef and a career in journalism. Two more books and countless arguments have followed.

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