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Podcast / The Big Issues
Podcast / The Big Issues

African Swine Fever – how worried should we be?

African Swine Fever is an incurable disease that is currently spreading between pig populations in Africa, Asia and Europe.

It affects domestic pigs and wild boar, and has a mortality rate between 95% and 100%.

There is no risk to human health, but the World Organisation for Animal Health says the disease is the biggest threat to commercial pig production the industry has ever seen.

In the UK, there have been no reported cases, and the Government says there is a medium risk of it arriving here.

So how are pig farmers and the wider pork industry preparing? 

What preventative measures can be taken? 

And how well will those industries cope should the disease be detected in the UK?

Stewart Houston CBE, Chair, Red Tractor Pigs

Stewart has served as a non-exec member of the Food Standards Agency Board. He was also chair of the British Pig Executive and a member of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.  

In addition, he has been on the Scottish Agriculture College board and was Executive Director of the National Pig Association.

He is today a non-exec member of Defra’s Animal Health and Welfare Board, England which advises ministers on policy. It is currently developing an Animal Health and Welfare Pathway. 

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