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Featured Speaker

Photo of Tim Lewis - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Tim Lewis

Product Development Manger, Anglo American Crop Nutrients

Tim has over 12 years of experience as a soil scientist investigating the relationships between agriculture and soil health. During his PhD, the focus was on the links between soil erosion and arable weed seedbank dynamics through a series of field studies ranging from small plot work to farm catchment assessments.

 Since completing his studies, Tim has worked extensively on developing, verifying and applying understanding around the use of polyhalite as a crop nutrient source for agriculture. Over nearly eight years working on the Woodsmith Project, owned by Anglo American, Tim has conducted the ground breaking research on polyhalite interactions with soil environments.

He has demonstrated that using a mineral for crop nutrition helps support soil health through changes to the physical nature of the soil, unlocking bound soil nutrient and impacts on soil biology.