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Featured Speaker

Photo of Sarah Gaunt - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Sarah Gaunt

Founder and Director

SPG Innovation Ltd

Sarah is passionate about making our food systems sustainable and fit for purpose by developing foods and ingredients which are healthy and have less impact on the planet. She founded SPG Innovation to carry out R&D into sustainable nutrition products and Rootiful to be the commercial outlet for plant based foods.Outputs from these companies include the development of plant based ingredients which add texture to foods, containing less processed proteins and more whole ingredients, such as Hempea 60, a TVP made from hemp and our tofu inspired product using locally grown beans and pulses rather than soy.She has a degree in Chemistry and has been working in the food industry in the early stage development of ingredients and foods for the last 20 years.

Areas of interest:

  • Food innovation
  • Food innovation
  • Food trends
  • Sustainability
  • Nutrition

Speaking at: