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Featured Speaker

Photo of Ruth Smith - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Ruth Smith

Company Dietitian

Anglia Crown

Ruth Smith started her career as a clinical dietitian in the NHS in 2003.  After seven years working in a range of clinical settings, she embraced the opportunity to work in the food service sector as Company Dietitian for Anglia Crown. Her role includes managing food labelling data, steering product development, advising the business on compliance with industry guidelines and regulations relating to food labelling, nutrition & health claims and food standards, and supporting customers with nutrition and dietetic queries, including menu planning. Ruth is also Vice Chair of the British Dietetic Association’s Food Services Specialist Group (FSSG). During her 12 years on this voluntary committee she has been part of multiple working groups who have authored the BDA Nutrition & Hydration Digest which has been recognised nationally as one of the five key Hospital Food Standards for all NHS to comply with. Ruth also delivers guest lectures at the University of Hertfordshire.