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Featured Speaker

Photo of Rosie Cadogan - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Rosie Cadogan

Company Nutritionist


Rosie has worked in the hospitality and catering industry for the last 5 years. She initially studied Biology at Oxford Brookes and then went on to a Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition at Southampton University. Her love of food and passion for science led her to pursue a career in nutrition in the hospitality industry, where she feels she can have a positive impact on the nutritional health of the population.

Nutrition education is the key for success, Rosie’s philosophy is that ‘knowledge is power’! In her role as our Nutritionist, Rosie is responsible for helping employers provide healthier workplaces and giving the public the knowledge they need to make more informed and healthier food choices. To do so she implements wellbeing policies, strategies and initiatives both at BaxterStorey and in their client’s companies to enable and encourage people to lead healthier lifestyles in an easy way that fits in with life!