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Featured Speaker

Photo of Richard Ellis - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Richard Ellis

Professor of Crop Production, University of Reading

As Professor of Crop Production, teaching and research in seed and crop physiology and production in relation to agriculture, horticulture and biodiversity conservation

Rihcard’s research covers reproductive crop plant biology and the effect of environment on seeds, plants and crops.

Research on seeds includes seed quality development, seed storage (including the seed viability equation), seed dormancy and germination (including seed testing and crop establishment), and these interests in anhydrous biology extend to related aspects in fungal spores and pollen.

The application of much of the seed research has been within the international networks of gene-banks; i.e. long-term seed stores for plant genetic resources conservation (one element of biodiversity conservation).

Research on flowering has been concerned ultimately with crop adaptation, by determining the quantitative effects of temperature and photoperiod on flowering.