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Featured Speaker

Photo of Professor Paul Thomas - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Professor Paul Thomas

Honorary Professor, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling

Paul’s research activities are primarily focused on the interplay of the environment and mycorrhizal fungi, with a specific focus on edible and medicinal species. The impacts of climate change and the interaction with other organisms, from metagenomics to the role of animals in spore dispersal are also a keen focus.

Current research collaborations are broad and international from ethnomycology in the neotropics, to the identification of novel medicinal compounds in parasitic fungi. Current teaching and PhD supervision is equally broad.

Historically, most of his research has focused on truffle species and the successful implementation of cultivation technology. Through establishing a number of companies, this research has resulted in the production of the first cultivated truffles in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Netherlands, Macedonia and further production from South Africa to the US.