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Featured Speaker

Photo of Phil Beard - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Phil Beard

Speaker, Nutritionist and Senior Nutrition Trainer

Viridian Nutrition

Phil has a broad knowledge across many areas of nutrition and a passion for educating others. With an MSc in Nutritional Science and Health, Phil understands the impact of optimum nutrition in maintaining health at every life stage and its importance for all areas of the body. An experienced speaker, Phil gives inspiring and informative presentations and talks on nutrition, touching audiences from every walk of life. Phil also has a keen interest in sports performance, he has a strong grasp of the work and diet required to develop muscle, endurance, and strength. This is bolstered by 2 years of practical experience as a personal trainer. His role of Senior Nutrition Trainer for Viridian requires him to keep up to date with the latest research on nutrients and sees him carrying out training events in global destinations. 

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