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Featured Speaker

Photo of Olajide Alabi - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Olajide Alabi

Equality, Inclusion & Wellbeing Partner

Turtle Bay

Olajide is an Equality, Equity and Inclusion Disrupter, driving change. As a Black, African, gay man, Olajide want Inclusion to be a right not a privilege for a select few. Not to be tolerated as being different, but accepted, we live in a diverse world and we can learn so much from each other. He’s passionate about ensuring that the workplace isn’t somewhere any marginalised group feels the need to have to dim their light or not thrive. People matter and we should all have equal opportunities to develop, progress, be rewarded and be recognised at work. As one of the Co-founders of SISU, Equality, Inclusion and Wellbeing Consultancy, passion is at the heart of everything they do.