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Featured Speaker

Photo of Michael Haverty - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Michael Haverty

Partner, The Andersons Centre

Michael is a Partner with The Andersons Centre (Andersons), a leading UK agri-food consultancy based in Leicestershire.

Since 2015, he has worked within Andersons’ Business Research team specialising in international trade, market development and agricultural policy issues. He has been involved in numerous projects examining the impact of Brexit on UK and Irish agriculture, particularly regarding Northern Ireland.

He also specialises in examining policy reform and its potential effects on food and farming, including from an environmental perspective. Michael has appeared before several parliamentary committees to give evidence on trade-related issues concerning the agri-food sector. Before joining Andersons in 2015, Michael worked IHS Markit and JFC Agri.

Although UK-based for more than a decade, Michael comes from a grazing livestock farming background in Co. Galway, Ireland and has a BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Economics from Queen’s University Belfast and an MSc in International Agri-Food Marketing from Newcastle University.

In the past, he has also worked with the European Commission. As a result of his experiences to date, he is well-placed to comment on the impact of Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol from multiple perspectives.