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Featured Speaker

Photo of Max Loessl - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Max Loessl

Co Founder & CEO


Max Loessl grew up in China. Everything in his world was healthy and good. On the weekends however, his mother often took him to the countryside into her world working in development aid. Maximum contrast. Sad misery resulting from malnutrition, malnourished children without access to basic necessities.

Max took his strong feeling of injustice with him into adulthood. After school, back in Germany, he tried to find a way to counter this injustice. To help shape a better tomorrow for everyone he moved to New Zealand to support Greenpeace. He talked to people about the huge challenges our environment and humanity are facing due to climate crisis. His urge to take action to improve the world only continued to grow.

In New Zealand Max read a book about Vertical Farming by Dr Dickson Despommier and his path would forever be changed. Max emailed Dr Despommier. The author, who recommended him to study in Den Bosch in the Netherlands. There, he learned the basics for his concept today.