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Featured Speaker

Photo of Matilde de las Rivas - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Matilde de las Rivas

Chief Technology Officer

Levprot (Spain)

Matilde de las Rivas, PhD and MBA. With a solid 10-year track record in recombinant protein expression and characterization, Dr. de las Rivas is one of the two co-founders of Levprot Bioscience, a company born in 2020 and specialized in the production of alternative proteins in yeast cells by precision fermentation. In her current role as CTO, she is in charge of scientifically and strategically leading the company’s projects, all oriented towards a future landscape of greener, non-animal protein production for both the biopharma and foodtech industries. She firmly believes that fermentation will continue to be one of the most powerful synergies between biotechnology and food, a key tool to respond to some of the most pressing demands of our current role as planet-resource consumers.