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Featured Speaker

Photo of Marleen Onwezen - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Marleen Onwezen

Expertise Lead and Senior Scientist, Consumer Science

Wageningen University and Research

Marleen Onwezen works at Wageningen University and Research as theme ambassador of consumer science and as expertise leader she sets the research agenda for consumer behaviour. Additionally, she manages large scale projects that focus on consumer choices for sustainable and healthy food, aiming to answer how consumer choices can be explained and guided. Topics she works with are for example alternative proteins, emotions, social norms. Besides her function at WEcR, she is figure head of the Dutch Scientifc Agenda (NWA) competent consumers, she takes place in the scientific board of LVMH, she is part of the  advisory board of the FoodEducationPlatform, and she is part of the core team healthy and safe food systems of WUR.