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Featured Speaker

Photo of Marianne Warnaer - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Marianne Warnaer

Managing ~Director / CCO


My passion is to help people live healthier lives. Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and WholeFiber is a great fit. WholeFiber is our brand name for dried chicory root, 100% pure natural, food certified and grown by dedicated farmers.  WholeFiber contains a unique combination of natural prebiotic fibers: inulin, pectin, cellulose and hemi-cellulose in intact plant cells – working as slow release prebiotics. Scientific studies have shown that WholeFiber promotes a healthy gut microbiome.  Healthy gut is strongly linked to several health benefits. We more and more realize the link between healthy microbiome (healthy gut ) to a healthy – and happy – life.

Areas of interest:

  • Food innovation