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Featured Speaker

Photo of Margaret Gill - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Margaret Gill



Professor Maggie Gill, OBE, FRSE is an emeritus Professor in the School of Biology, University of Aberdeen. She is a ruminant nutritionist by training (having studied for her PhD in New Zealand) but broadened her research interests to sustainable food systems, while also taking on research management and advisory roles. She has a particular interest in the research/policy interface, having worked for some years in what is now the UK Government’s Department for International development and serving as Chief Scientific Advisor for the Environment and Rural Affairs in the Scottish Government from 2006 to 2011 and Chair of the CGIAR Independent Science and Partnership Council from 2014-2019. Maggie chaired an EU Think Tank for the project Fit4Food 2030 from 2017 to 2020 and currently chairs the Scottish Science Advisory Council, which provides independent advice to the Scottish government and the UKRI-BBSRC Sustainable Agriculture and Food Strategy Panel.

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