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Featured Speaker

Photo of Liz Tucker - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Liz Tucker

Registered Nutritionist


Liz Tucker is an AfN Registered Nutritionist working as a food and nutrition industry advisor, employed to assess nutritional values and regulatory compliance and improve or develop healthier, ecologically sustainable products. She is a lecturer and adviser in labelling, nutrition and health claims regulations and works as a consultant for related organisations and associations. She writes for national publications, presents on radio and television, is a published author and is also a regular speaker at food shows and health conferences.
She has published academic papers on Celiac Disease and qualifications include an MSc, BSc Hons, BA Hons and a Post-graduate advanced diploma in nutritional medicine.
She is a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine and member of the Association of Nutrition, Nutritionists in Industry, Institute of Health Promotion and Education and Association of Health Writers.

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