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Featured Speaker

Photo of Laura Street - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Laura Street

Senior Nutritionist

Marks & Spencer

Laura is currently senior nutritionist at Marks and Spencer where she provides strategic direction to the business and guidance to support execution of marketing, product development, impact of government policies and new legislation as well as seeking innovation opportunities in the health arena.
Also holding the position of registrar, charity director and member of council for the Association for Nutrition, which is the registered list of nutritionists within the UK.
During Laura’s career, she has worked with elite sportsmen, written obesity programmes for children, taught sports nutrition and worked in food industry. Current interests in nutrition include gut health and vitamin D research.
Laura’s sport nutrition work specialised in International sport with England Rugby Football Union and Premiership rugby. Laura set up her own nutrition consultancy whilst also holding a sports science and nutrition teaching post at Greenwich Community College whilst obtaining a PGCE.