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Featured Speaker

Photo of Kerry Betsworth - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Kerry Betsworth

Associate at Flintlock, Strategic Copywriter


Kerry works alongside Tasha to support Spark Workshops and the creation of brand proposition and storylines. Well-versed in the art of putting pen to paper, she has worked with a multifaceted range of clients in both the creative and corporate sectors. She has worked with Tasha on numerous projects – most recently Decathlon, Flylogix, StoryStream and Vitaccess – to bring a distinctive take to any brief that helps clients to pin down and express their vision into the written word. Her approach is to listen carefully, to question clearly and be alert to broader trends, so that the final edit will sound true-to-message and relate to your target market. After a ten year career in PR, marketing and client relations management, she set up as a freelancer in 2003 and has successfully helped her clients to communicate through words ever since.