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Featured Speaker

Photo of Kelsey Russell Murray - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Kelsey Russell Murray

Clinical Dietitian

St Thomas Elgin General Hospital

Kelsey Russell-Murray has been working as a Registered Dietitian (RD) for over a decade, the majority of which has been spent working as a clinical inpatient hospital RD. Kelsey has a Master’s of Science degree from McMaster University as well as an Honours Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and post graduate diploma in dietetics from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. In addition to her work as a hospital RD, in 2020 Kelsey opened a private practice, Gut Healthy Dietitian Inc. (, where she provides 1:1 nutrition counselling services as well as recipe development and nutrition article writing to wellness websites. In her private practice she specializes in gut and digestive-health related diseases and conditions, sports nutrition and plant-based diets.