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Featured Speaker

Photo of Jos Hugense - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Jos Hugense



From 1980 I have been working as a professional in the meat processing industry, focussing on international sales and marketing. I have specific expertise in the field of the development of healthy and sustainable food, meat processing and sustainability in food chains. In 2005 I started Meatless, a new innovative venture within the food processing industry. Meatless has developed into an ingredient that creates new opportunities for the successful development of healthier and more sustainable food. As a core business, our team creates new spectacular concepts for our customers, and we are proud to be a preferred supplier to many large processors of vegetarian and vegan food products. We are not only creating excellent vegetarian or vegan products. We also work for meat- and fish processing companies, where we introduced innovative blended products with plant-based ingredients, so-called “hybrid” products. 

Areas of interest:

  • Food innovation
  • Food innovation
  • Food trends
  • Food trends
  • Sustainability
  • Nutrition
  • Agri-food tech