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Featured Speaker

Photo of Franco Costantini - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Franco Costantini



regenagri® is a global regenerative agriculture framework for securing the health of the land and the wealth of those who live on it.It supports farms and organisations to transition to holistic farming systems that increase soil health, encourage biodiversity, reduce carbon footprint and enhance climate resilience.regenagri® provides standards and digital tools to verify impact and to assure the integrity of regenagri certified products.regenagri® also provides farmers with routes to additional funds through carbon credit and impact incentives.In supporting regenerative farming, we hope to aid in the regeneration of our planet and sustainably secure the future of agricultural products and their supply chains.The regenagri® program is owned and managed by Regenagri C.i.C., a Community Interest Company registered in the United Kingdom.

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