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Featured Speaker

Photo of Emer Fardy - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Emer Fardy

Head of Sustainability and Human Rights

Hilton Foods Group

Emer joined Hilton Foods over four years ago and currently leads a team of specialists developing and delivering their Sustainable Protein Plan across their global operations. This plan covers people, planet and product. Hilton Foods is a leading specialist food packing business supplying and partnering with major international food retailers and food services companies across the UK, Europe and Australasia.  Prior to this she was an agriculture manager at Tesco responsible for the pig meat supply chain from conception to slaughter, animal welfare reporting and responsible antibiotic use across species.  Emer is currently a board member of the ERBS, is on the governance board for the UK Soy Manifesto and is on the Stakeholder Advisory Board for the Animal Research Network. 

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