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Featured Speaker

Photo of Elizabeth Sklar - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Elizabeth Sklar

Professor in Agri-Robotics, Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology

University of Lincoln

Elizabeth Sklar began her career in industry, working as a software engineering for over 10 years designing and building software systems. She then shifted into academia, holding academic staff positions at Columbia University (US, 2001-05) and the City University of New York (US, 2005-15). Prof Sklar moved to the University of Lincoln in 2019.Prof Sklar’s research investigates the implementation of AI-based methods in the context of multi-robot teams, human-machine teaming, data-backed decision making and behaviour mining. Since joining LIAT in 2019, she has been exploring the application of these methodologies within the agri-food pipeline through the development of intelligent agri-food systems that incorporate autonomous robots and multi-agent systems for collaborative farming and food production.